Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Jonathan Capehart wants to recapture moments wasted on Cain

“I want those 45 minutes of my life back on Saturday waiting for him to come out there and make that very tortured statement and concluding it by quoting Pokemon.”WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart on Herman Cain’s campaign suspension announcement over the weekend.

Speaking of Cain…he’ll be joining Howard Stern in studio tomorrow.

Chelsea also weighs in on Cain

“Did he not think this through at all? I mean, when you put a pizza in the oven, it’s gonna cook, Girrlll.”E!’s Chelsea Handler on Cain giving the details of his past serious thought before running for president.

Poshbrood lands obese seatmate en route to France

“There are probably 10 fat people in the whole of France. My TGV seatmate is obese–the buy another ticket on Southwest Airlines kind of fat. Ce n’est pas bon.” — Poshbrood travel site founder and occasional HuffPost travel blogger Elizabeth Thorp. Her hotel room, like her flight, is also memorable. “My room is 150 square feet and has 3 ashtrays. (@ InterContinental Carlton Cannes).” She later wrote FBDC to say, “Correction to ashtray tweet-there are 4 in this tiny room. One on each side of the bed for optimal his and her smoking, one on the desk and one in the bathroom for puffing while doing your business?? Whoa.”

Michelle Fields is Blessed: 46 times over

“I feel so blessed to have such amazing twitter followers & friends who are just as disgusted as I am by the pathetic post on @FishbowlDC :)” — The Daily Caller‘s Michelle Fields. Fields got all riled after we pointed out that she retweeted many, many compliments such as those about her hair and legs by creepster FNC “Red Eye” viewers who mentioned her 46 times over the weekend. In one she included a twitter photograph of her legs on set. Nothing weird about that, right?

Coming to Michelle’s defense… is none other than her boyfriend, the aptly named Jeff Loveness, who wrote in and remarked, “Honestly, I think she’s just responding to fans and making a reel for people to find her reporting on Youtube…I don’t see anything malicious or braggy. She’s a bright young talent and trying to respond to her growing fan base. Why the venom, Fishbowl?”

Classy hate mail for FishbowlPeter

FishbowlPeter is clearly adjusting well to his new environment: “@peterogburn aka dick beater peter you wish you could have a girl like @michellefields but you never will because you a sad little man” — Kevin Fox. Eventually Fox apologizes, writing, “@peterogburn indeed sorry for the lude [sic] comments weren’t needed at all. On another note @TimTebow is a badass and will have 3 rings one day!” AnonymASS wrote in Monday late night: “You decide to pick on a girl who graduated college less than 6 months ago? You people are ridiculous.” The mail flooded in because of this story.