Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

JOE SCARBOROUGH CLOTHES TWIN?: “Our own Sam Stein is causing a lot of controversy with this shirt. What are your thoughts?” — HuffPost Media. 

Are we still talking about stuffing?

“Hate to complain, but that jucy lucy released a mere trickle of gooey dairy. I prefer to tap into geysers of cultured richness #stuffingsnob” — Roll Call HOH writer Warren Rojas.

Someone’s future job?

“Someone should go pro and write nothing but ‘Why I left journalism’ essays for a living.” — Politico‘s Burgess Everett.

Anti-right-wing media observer

“In the right wing media, the incentive for saying amazingly stupid/mean things is as strong as it ever was.” — Media Matters fellow Oliver Willis.

Speaking of the right wing media…

Media Research Center’s Tim Graham writes, “Pro-lifers shouldn’t confuse abortion w/ slavery. Slaves were allowed to live.” To which WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten says, “LOVE this kinda talk from the right!”

Multitasking is…

“OMG. A man with a laptop wearing sunglasses doing one armed bicep curls.” — CNN’s Carol Costello.

FishbowlDC Fan Club Board…

Ex-speechwriter makes astute TV observation

“In the show #1600Penn, the White House press secretary can’t stand the press corps. In real life, Jay Carney is the press secretary.” — Jon Lovett, co-creator of 1600 Penn and former White House speechwriter.  To which MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell remarked, “But Jay was the press corps.”

FishbowlDC Fan Club Board

President: WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten (who else?)

Party Manners : Slate‘s Dave Weigel

Style Advisor: Paul Wharton of TV’s “Paul Wharton Style”

Fan for Life: WaPo‘s Ezra Klein.

Can’t contain himself: DCist‘s FBDC addict Ben Freed