More Workers Can’t Afford Vacation Or Take Work With Them, Survey Finds

More non-news news: more workers say that either finances or work schedules make it impossible for them to take a vacation this year, and more of the workers who are going away are bringing work with them, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder.

Twenty-four percent of fulltime workers surveyed say they can’t afford to go on vacation, while another 12 percent said that they have the money but not the time.

Thirty percent of the workers who are taking vacations said that they will contact work while on break, up from 25 percent last year, the survey found.

Worse, 24 percent of workers say they’ve had to work while their family went on a vacation without them. Lame. And, one in six (16 percent) gave up vacation days in 2010 because they didn’t use them. Remember it’s okay to use a vacation day to take a staycation or clean out the garage. You’ll like it.