More True Tales of the Troubling Trillium


Following up from last week about the uproar caused by the new Ontario logo, we learned from the site Amoeba that there’s now been a crusade launched to save the old logo. Largely internet-based, at, the campaign has taken the “the new logo isn’t partisan at all” idea and moved it into partisan territory, as the whole thing was put together by the opposing camp, the Progressive Conservatives (we’re not sure how those two words work together either). In this story from The Toronto Star, the big shot of the Conservatives said ” You just don’t arbitrarily tamper with it under cover of darkness. It survived more or less intact through seven governments under all parties until Dalton McGuinty and his partisan pork barrellers got their hands on it.” Remember, we’re talking about a logo here. That’s what makes this all so great. Oh, sweet Canada, how we long to be apart of you. We’re thinking of trying to get Illinois and California annexed in order to be involved in events like this. Think of living in a place where a new logo gets politicians this steamed. Amazing.