‘More People…Have Jobs That Require Them To Confront The Risk Of Appearing Stupid On A Regular Basis’

Hey dummy!

According to a few smart people, the new workplace is about taking risks, rather than keeping your head down and working steadily but unimaginatively.

Seth Godin said as much earlier this week.

Bob Corlett, founder of The Staffing Advisor, a search firm in DC, says that being unafraid to appear stupid is a trait that shares a lot with what people call “luck.”

Some people—the ones that “have all the luck”—are typically humble, curious, and optimistic.

Some people, he says, are “engaging and fun to work with – moving from success to success – while similarly qualified people seem overwhelmed with problems, and are always seem to be teetering on the edge of defeat…”

And while you probably can’t trot out these qualities in an interview—we don’t recommend telling your interviewer that you’re “lucky and stupid”—but it wouldn’t hurt to demonstrate your curiosity, optimism, and/or humility.

And then