More Issues, Delays for September 11th Museum


While the National September 11th Memorial was met record demand, received generally positive reviews, and has already had more than half a million visitors, that doesn’t mean the rest of the larger project is progressing along as smoothly. In a story nearly as old as when the rebuilding effort began, and a slowness you might recall 60 Minutes once called “a national disgrace,” there’s been yet another slowdown in the construction efforts on the Snohetta and Davis Brody Bond-designed museum portion. The Wall Street Journal reports that the two bodies overseeing the effort, the Port Authorities of New York and New Jersey, have “stopped approving new contracts and extensions of existing contracts,” all stemming from disagreements with the foundation behind the project, as well as financial issues, which have seemingly plagued the development from the very start. This latest series of hurdles seems to indicate that once again the opening of the museum will be pushed back from its original planned opening date next September.