More ‘Green’ Talk (but we’re really only in it for the pretty pictures)


Another quickie from this new issue of Metropolis. It’s the winners of the inaugural IIDA/Metropolis Smart Environments Award. The awards are nice and good and all, and there the links are to explore to your little heart’s content, but primarily we’re posting because we really dug the image they’re using for the event, made by Metropolis Art Director Nancy Nowacek, and we wanted to share that first and foremost. Here’s the synopsis:

You are about to see a snapshot of twenty-first-century interiors: they are kind to their occupants and the earth equally, in addition to being beautiful. They represent a series of sophisticated decisions that involve a strong relationship to the architecture that defines them, as well as careful choices of materials and furnishings. Winners of the inaugural IIDA/Metropolis Smart Environments Awards in 2006, these six projects seamlessly connect many interrelated design decisions — everything from responsible building sites to nontoxic finishes. Individually these projects tell an incomplete story; but taken together they reveal the essential and inevitable connections between the outside and the inside worlds. Sunlight in our rooms is as important to our well-being as it is outdoors, and so is clean air. Interior design centered on these basic human needs is ultimately smart design.