More Free Press Reporting: Man, These Guys Really Like PBS

Here’s some more tidbits from the Free Press summit yesterday. In short, these guys really, really like PBS and other public media. It was even discussed at our table, briefly, whether media activists should push the government to tax TVs and radios to fund public media, which is how the Beeb gets a lot of its funding. Anyway, check the polling results…public media, in pretty much every question it was included in, swept the vote.

What do you see as news’s most promising revenue model?
1. Ads – 10%
2. Philanthropy-supported – 5%
3. Subscriptions – 5%
4. Public media – 29%
5. Micropayments – 5%
6. Operating as a low-profit limited liability company – 47%

This is how we voted. Are we back in the 90s again? I mean, okay, it’s not every day that you’re even asked to use fake remote controls for anything, really, but after coming in and being told about their hashtag for Twitter (and flickr!) these remote thingies are pretty prehistoric. We couldn’t have voted by text message?

What in newspapers holds the most promise for you?
1. New, innovative models – 16%
2. Increased foundation investment – 3%
3. New technology 36%
4. Increased government transparency – 11%
5. The chances for local owners to buy local papers back from conglomerates – 11%
6. The rise of citizen journalism – 26%

How can the government better foster a free press?
1. Subsidize journalists’ salaries – 2%
2. Give tax incentives to encourage local and minority media ownership – 15%
3. Invest in journalism R&D – 20%
4. Allow media to further combine by relaxing antitrust laws – 2%
5. Expand funding for NPR and PBS – 52%
6. Do nothing – 8%

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