More Features Beauty Editor ‘Makeunders’

The February issue of More magazine has an interesting feature that might catch the eye of all those beauty editors stalking around New York in search of the perfect eyebrow wax. The magazine highlights three women — Jennifer Scruby, Martha McCully and Sally Wadyka — who are all former beauty editors who picked up and left New York, leaving their extensive and pricey beauty regimens behind.

Now middle-aged and living in faraway places like Venice, Calif., Boulder, Colo. and Miami, the former editors sound happier and look prettier than ever, showing how unimportant things like Botox and self tanners can be in the grand scheme of things (although we must admit that, like many New York girls, we’re pretty addicted to pricey blow-outs and waxing ourselves). It’s good news for all the editors who have found themselves involuntarily without full-time gigs and are considering picking up and leaving the Big Apple and the glitzy life of magazine publishing behind. It could end up being the best thing that ever happened to you. Take this observation from Wadyka:

“But while my beauty upkeep is hundreds (OK, make that thousands) of dollars less than it was when I lived in Manhattan, the most surprising thing is how little difference it’s made in how I look — or how I feel about how I look. I’m older, and my frown lines are a bit more pronounced. But I’ve never felt more like myself.”

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