Monday’s Media Moves

Good afternoon, media people–today we have a roundup of moves in the media industry.

Natalie Morales, one of the hosts of the Today show, will contribute a column to Latina magazine on parenting. Her first column will be in the February issue, on newsstands 1/11. (FBNY)

George Hirsch, chairman of the board and publishing director at La Cucina Italia, is stepping down as soon as the company finds a replacement who “knows a lot more about the digital world than I do,” Hirsch told the NYT. (NYT)

Randall Rothenberg, president of the Internet Advertising Bureau, is becoming the Time Inc. executive VP/chief digital officer, a new position. He starts in January. (Minonline)

And on the other side of the world, two senior reporters for the New Zealand version of 60 Minutes have lost their jobs when their bureau was closed down and they declined to relocate. Amanda Millar and Alison Horwood did not want to move from Wellington to Auckland, so…they didn’t. The other staff members are in relocate-or-redundancy discussions now. (The Herald)