Monday Numbers

A quick look at the numbers that are driving the conversation this week:

21 millionnumber of people in the world currently enduring slavery, a fact mentioned by Steve McQueen upon receiving the Best Picture Oscar for 12 Years a Slave

2.7 millionnumber of retweets -so far -of Ellen’s “Best Selfie Ever”

11number of hours given by Russian military for Ukrainian troops in Crimea to leave -or else

3%drop in Germany’s Dax stock index due to Ukraine crisis

13%drop in Russia’s Micex index

7number of Congressional committees whose top Democrats will come from the Congressional Black Caucus next year

92 – number of federal anti-poverty programs -many of which were deemed  inefficient and duplicative by Paul Ryan in a recent report

$799 billioncost of those federal programs in 2012

More than 2,000number of flights cancelled today on the East Coast

3number of major snow storms this winter

$0.09the amount added to the price of each gallon of gas due to new sulfur regulations handed down by the EPA

$75.00 – the amount added to the price of a car due to those regulations

$6.7 billion – $19 billion – the annual economic benefits of those regulations due to saved lives and prevented missed work and school days due to illness.