Moleskine Enters the Digital Age with Kindle Cover/Notebook Hybrid

Moleskine, maker of charming ‘lil notebooks (of which we bet you have no fewer than six strewn about your home and/or office), has plunged into high-tech accessories, the fickle market that has made it possible to sheath your favorite digital device in everything from neoprene and cheesecloth to hand-stitched ostrich leather and diamonds.

This week saw the launch of the Moleskine Kindle Cover (above), a notebook-enhanced case for Amazon’s briskly selling e-reader. With rounded corners, a sturdy elastic band, and a smooth black board cover, the cover has all of Moleskine’s signatures. A suede-lined interior is fitted with four corner elastic bands to strap in your Kindle opposite a Moleskine notebook with blank pages of creamy ivory stock (two notebooks are included with the cover). Early users detect a distinct bias toward lefties, seeing as the case positions the notebook to the left of the Kindle, making simultaneous reading and note-taking rather awkward for the majority of the population. [Cue self-satisfied chortling of the ambidextrous.] Not to worry, right-handed multitaskers—if we know the creative types at Moleskine, they’ll have chiral Kindle covers out in no time. In the meantime, the company has assembled this video in response to the age-old question “How do you pronounce ‘Moleskine’?”