Modern Dog’s Mad New Book


When we first heard that the designers at Modern Dog were working on a book, we asked Robynne Raye and Michael Strassburger to give us the scoop. But if there’s one thing we know about Modern Dog, it’s that they do not do things the normal way. “How about a Mad Libs questionnaire?” suggested Raye. So they supplied the words, and we wrote the story. How could we resist? Look for the book from Chronicle in 2008.

Show and Tell

Hi, we’re Modern Dog and we’d like to tell you about our newest project Modern Dog: 20 Years of Poster Art (Not Canine Related). We created it for a fee of only 37 potato chips that look like Jay Leno. As you can see, it’s extremely thin for a project so low-hung. We made the entire thing with a weed-eater.

You’re probably wondering about our wobbly process. First, we expelled in the glove box for at least .034 days for research. Then, to learn more about the heart surgeons who would be seeing this project, we squirted it with a Tiny Tool Set. Finally, we took all the sketches into our mud room and played “Deez Nuuuuts” while we hunkered down with pig rinds. Actually, we might as well tell you: we just copied the whole thing out of the April 2008 issue of Glitter Your Garbage.

We’re especially proud that we never used Vag, since that’s the kind of stuff that only Barney Bubbles would do. And we certainly don’t want to gulp tightly! All in all, we’re pretty proud of Pumpkin Head, as we like to call our publisher, for doing something so roomy. It’s like something out of Soylent Green! We’ve already had some pretty shiny feedback; Rick Valicenti said it’s coarser than an emu with a Shirley Temple. As we always say here at Modern Dog, “Work Hard, Play Hard.”