Mobile500 Alliance Appoints Lawson Exec Director

The Mobile500 Alliance, one of two TV coalitions working to bring mobile digital broadcast to market, named John Lawson executive director. Lawson, the former evp of ION Media Networks, was a founding board member of the Open Mobile Video Coalition, the organization that worked to launch mobile DTV, which allows stations to broadcast direct to mobile devices. 

In his new role, Lawson will work on securing content arrangements with program suppliers for mobile DTV broadcasts. He’ll also work with electronics manufacturers to promote mobile DTV-capable devices and features.

“This is a key organizational step in our goal to accelerate the availability of mobile DTV to consumers,” said Colleen B. Brown, president and chief executive officer of Fisher Communications, Inc. and president of the Mobile500 Alliance.

More than 40 broadcast companies representing more than 400 TV stations are members of the Mobile500 Alliance, formed in September. A similar group, the Mobile Content Venture, is represented by 12 TV groups, including network TV owners Fox, ION Television, NBC Universal and groups such as Hearst Television, Gannett and Meredith.

Lawson will continue to run his consulting firm, Convergence Services, Inc.