Mobile blogging: Write on the go

The news happens fast and if you have equally fast fingers that news can be shared with the blogosphere immediately. Blogging from a mobile phone, or moblogging, is a great way to create news updates while working in the field or perhaps anywhere a bulky laptop wouldn’t be practical or permitted. There are a number of ways to make blogging on those tiny little keys a little easier.

Utterz lets users send any combination of text, photos, audio or video from a mobile phone and, using Utterz Connections, post to WordPress, Blogger, YouTube, TypePad, Twitter, MovableType and more. The site is an excellent way to send mobile messages or “utterz” to your blog or to yourself as a repository for notes. Messages can also easily edited and published directly from your mobile phone via

Blogger users can post blog items by email which can be published automatically or saved for later. Simply setup a unique email address on the Blogger site and the email subject will become the title of the post, the text body will become the post and image attachments will be tacked to the end. The end point of the post should be designated with #end so Blogger recognizes when the content ends. This is to ensure that the signature some email programs add to the end of outgoing emails doesn’t show up in the post. You can also send messages to which, through a quick setup process, will post directly to your blog.

Tech-savvy journalists or web administrators can setup WordPress so that blog posts can be sent by email. The instructions to set up mobile blogging are available here. By using the WPhone plugin, WordPress bloggers can access the site on a mobile phone. Users can also set up a mobile-friendly version of their WordPress blog by using a plugin that will automatically detect if the visitor is a mobile phone.

iPhone/iPod Touch owners can use Typepad’s mobile interface for blogging on the go. A similar system is available for users of Movable Type.

Finally, if you don’t plan on or don’t want to write full blog posts from your phone, you can also use Twitter as a way of sending short messages to the masses. There are a number of tools for integrating tweets into your blog like this one for Blogger and this one for WordPress.