Ménage a McInerney: Author All Up In Bret Easton Ellis Three-Way

bret_easton_ellis_glamorama_sm.gifFor its December issue, Playboy gives us all a gift: They asked a handful of writers to tell them about their favorite erotic writing in literary history past and present — and none, surprisingly, picked passages from Penthouse Forum.

Jay McInerney name-checks a bunch — Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Susan Minot‘s Rapture (which he calls heavily digressive), among others — but seems to have a special, uh, fondness for Bret Easton EllisGlamorama, one of “the steamiest and sexiest pieces of writing in recent decades”:

Ellis’ exhaustive account of an hour in the life of a m&eacute a trois. It’s purely mechanical, like a very well-written transcript of a hard-core porn film scene … When I first read the scene … I was almost embarrassed at how stimulating I found the experience.

Well, we’re off to Barnes & Noble, and after that, a cigarette.

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