MLB All-Star Game Lifts WNYW to Weekly Top Spot

With the temperatures consistently in the 90s, summer also means the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. The annual mid-summer classic took the number one prime time position for the week, according to the Nielsen Company.

The All-Star Game had an estimated 945,000 WNYW/Channel 5 viewers, with a 4.7 rating.  The 30-minute pre-game show also got strong numbers–landing at number three (714,000/3.5).

ESPN basked in the All-Star glow as well. The Home Run Derby had a fourth-place showing (633,000/3.1).

In a non-baseball related entry, America’s Got Talent gave WNBC the number two slot (780,000/3.9) and fifth place (571,000/2.8).

WCBS got its highest program with 60 Minutes at number six (519,000/2.6).

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  • Seventh                     White Collar                         USA      (496,000/2.5)
  • Eighth                              NCIS                                 WCBS    (475,000/2.4)
  • Ninth            So You Think You Can Dance   WNYW  (458,000/2.3)

So You Think You Can Dance was also 12th for the week (442,000/2.2).

The Yankees returned from the All-Star break to 15th-place performance on the YES Network (414,000/2.1).

HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm cracked the Top 30 at number 29 (371,000/1.8).

WABC’s highest entry was at number 25 with Primetime Nightline: Beyond Belief (387,000/1.9).