Meet the Missouri School of Journalism’s Filmmaker-in-Chief

Robert Greene is set to shape the minds of 19 Documentary Journalism students.

RobertGreeneHeadshotA year after a University of Missouri alumnus turned reality TV kingpin endowed the Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism, the new department is set to begin its inaugural school year next Monday. At the helm are filmmaker Robert Greene (pictured) and former TV station news director Stacey Woelfel.

From a write-up in the Columbia Missourian:

The program will offer the students undergraduate or graduate degrees in journalism and the opportunity to learn from different industry professionals.

Woelfel calls them visiting artists, and they will cycle into teaching positions that fit their schedules and skill sets. The artists will hold workshops, meetings and one-on-one time with students to teach them about their area of expertise, he said.

“It might be a terrific editor, it might be a composer, it might be a motion graphics artist,” Woelfel said. They will collaborate with Woelfel and Greene to shape the creative and academic climate of the new program.

Intriguingly, the star of Greene’s most recent film Actress, Brandy Burne (The Wire), was his neighbor growing up in suburban New York. He also writes about film and has a regular column in Sight and Sound magazine.

Last week, the Murray school hosted a pre-semester workshop with filmmaker Rachel Boynton (“Stronger Than Fiction”). A total of 19 students are part of the inaugural year of the Jonathan B. Murray program. Greene’s official faculty title is assistant professor, convergence journalism.
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