Min Responds To The Nation / NYT Ad Numbers Kerfuffle

Yesterday, The Nation noted that The New York Times did not fact-check the numbers it printed when it ran its story on the liberal magazine — “Bad News for Liberals May Be Good News for a Liberal Magazine” — over the weekend. The Times, citing min magazine, wrote the following regarding The Nation‘s ad pages:

As of Nov. 8, ad pages were down 5 percent compared with last year. Though advertising accounts for just a tenth of revenue, the number is still striking considering how brutal 2009 was for the advertising market. Traffic to TheNation.com has also declined recently. And since 2008, the magazine has run an operating deficit of about $500,000 a year.

Min noted their error and have updated their information, writing:

We mistakenly reported in min on Nov. 8 that The Nation suffered a 29.5 percent decline in advertising pages from 2009 to 2010. In fact, the decline was only 5.2 percent (through Nov. 8). Unfortunately, our mathematical error in our ad-page boxscores was cited by The New York Times in a prominent article (also Nov. 8) as the worst performance this year for a weekly magazine tracked by min.

It adds that The Nation‘s president, Teresa Stack, informed min that large display print ads are up 5.6 percent for 2010 and that digital ads are up 32.8 percent.

Now there’s only the matter of a wee typo in The Times‘ correction on their original story.