Miller Loose Ends

All Miller all morning:

  • Patrick Fitzergald likely to decide on charges soonish.

  • Bill Keller’s note to NYT staff. (“If I had it to do over, there is probably much I’d do differently…”)

  • Throw another log on the fire: The Vice President, Dick Cheney, may be involved. Number of people surprised? 0.

  • “Officials ‘say they have no idea’ what Judith Miller was talking about in her claim that she was given a ‘security clearance'” (“Daily Nightly” via Hotline).

  • Hotline’s taking nominations for Judy Miller’s mysterious source. “Judy Miller can’t recall who gave her the name ‘Valerie Flame.’ So tell us, Last Call! readers. What should we call this source? ‘Deep Flame’? ‘Flame Throat’?” E-mail hotmail AT nationaljournal DOT com with the subject “Flame Name.”

  • The remaining questions.

  • The New York Times: A sweet place to work.

  • But Miller may be itching to head to the Wall Street Journal.

  • Judy Miller, who’s already gambled with the New York Times’ reputation, went to Vegas.
    From Drudge: “FLASH: Embattled NYT reporter Judith Miller arrived at Aladdin on Monday nite, quelling concerns she might cancel her speaking appearance Tuesday at Society of Professional Journalists/National Journalism Conference. Norm Clarke reports in the LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL: Event organizers confirmed they were adding security after Internet sites urged people to protest her appearance at convention, where she is receiving First Amendment Award for going to jail to protect source. “We’re preparing for the worst,” said SPJ spokesperson Chris Vachon… Developing…:

  • Scooter Libby loves trees.

  • Matthew Cooper speaks up.