Millennials Love Facebook for News

The social media giant dominates.

According to a new study from the American Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, when it comes to getting news from social media, young people turn to Facebook first.

The report found that a whopping 88 percent of millennials get news from Facebook at least occasionally. The runner-up was YouTube (which seems odd to us, but maybe that’s because we’re old) at 83 percent. Instagram (50 percent), Pinterest (36 percent) and Twitter (33 percent) rounded out the top five.

It’s interesting that Twitter didn’t rank higher. We consider it the best social media site for finding news. Perhaps that means we don’t think that highly of our Facebook friends, because the report found that most millennials use Facebook to find out what their friends are talking about, while they use Twitter to find out what the public is talking about.

If we only turned to Facebook for news, we’d know which balloon animal our friends are, but not much about the world. Good to know young people are staying up on that kind of thing.

(Image: American Press Institute)