Millenials Love Great Design and They’re Willing to Pay for It, Dammit


We’re never sure exactly which generation we fit into–as cuspers, we float between Gen X and Gen Y depending on which song is playing on our iPod. But we’re always curious to know what those Millenials are up to, seeing as they’re young and hip and have the coolest name of all, unless you count the Greatest Generation.

According to this study by Kelton Research and commissioned by Autodesk, Millenials have made great design a priority, right down to their choice in video game equipment:

They are willing to pay more for an appealing product design, whether it’s a car (67 percent), furniture (60 percent) or a video game system (31 percent). They give serious thought to public spaces (66 percent), beauty and architecture (42 percent) when considering relocation to a new city. Nine in 10 Millennials also care more than any other age group about sustainable design of new buildings for well-being and resource efficiency.

Wow, these design-savvy Millenials are finally going to save America from its bad taste syndrome, you think. Think again. Here’s the most revealing finding from the study:

Three-quarters of those surveyed — and more, among 30- to 39-year-olds — said they have enjoyed a movie simply because of its visual effects, despite other flaws.