Milbank Fears Older Boys With Pot

WaPo Opinion Writer Dana Milbank wrote a story this week on GOP Presidential hopeful Rick Perry and his anti-government sentiments.

But the line that jumped out (at least for our purposes) is when Milbank admits that  he left the Boy Scouts because the older boys were smoking weed. Really, is that all it took for him to flee? This is a reporter who was willing to cover himself in newspaper and don a Burger King crown in daylight at the corner of 17th and K to interview PETA’s lettuce bikini ladies. But he won’t smoke a bowl with older Boy Scouts?

(Milbank graduated from high school in Merrick, N.Y. The name of the small town with a population of about 22,000 happens to mean peaceful. Ironically, Amy Fischer lived there. Yes, that Amy Fischer, the one dubbed “Long Island Lolita” who slept with Joey Buttafuoco and then shot his wife, Mary Jo, in the face. Fischer was a journalist before she entered the porn industry.)

The Boy Scout memories came up while Milbank was reading Perry’s 2008 memoir, On My Honor, in which he denounces gay scoutmasters and compares homosexuality to alcoholism.

Milbank writes, “So it all comes back to the Boy Scouts. I have no beef with the Scouts. (I quit my troop when I was 12, not because of excessive godliness but because the older boys kept getting high.)”

We’ve requested comment from Milbank about his Boy Scout days.

Read the full piece here.

(A thank you to Politico’s Byron Tau for highlighting the pot line.)

UPDATE: Dear Readers. It turns out Milbank’s Boy Scout troop was not getting “high” on pot, as previous interpreted by us and other journalists and readers. It was more along the lines of “cough syrup” and “solvents.” Milbank wrote tonight to explain: “If marijuana had been the troop’s drug of choice they would have named me an honorary Eagle Scout in high school.  This was more like solvents and cough syrup.” We apologize for leading anyone to believe that Milbank walked away from a childhood pot smoking ring when, in fact, he at least jokes he would have gladly participated.