Mike Fleming Cautions Those Who Choose Nikki Finke

For anyone with a granular interest in the Hollywood trades, the latest edition of Mike Fleming and Peter Bart’s weekly Deadline column is a must-read

Fleming confirms it was his idea to bring Finke back into the Deadline fold. He details how the negotiations with PMC chief Jay Penske fell apart and ends this latest conversation with former Variety boss Bart with a stern warning:

“Since the thrust of her new site seems to be Deadline-bashing, I feel comfortable in making this clear: those who choose to break their news with her will need to be happy with that result. You might get a scant mention, but you’ll find no love here.”

In the comments, another Mike offers his thought-provoking POV:

Here’s my problem with Nikki. First, Hollywood isn’t Washington DC or Wall Street. We aren’t THAT important. Sure, a lot of money is generated, and the world loves movies, but it’s just entertainment. Do we really need someone as snarky as Nikki exposing what she perceives as bad behavior in Hollywood? Unless it’s actually illegal, who cares if someone was mean to someone else, or if their movie deserved to fail?

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