Deadline’s Mike Fleming Mourns the Loss of His Father to Hurricane Sandy

Sometimes, there are no words. But today, after a two-week absence from the beat, Mike Fleming bridges that gap beautifully with his post about the death of his father as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Fleming begins by thanking PMC CEO Jay Penske and Deadline colleague David Lieberman for making their way through the mayhem to express their condolences in person. This after the journalist’s 80-year-old dad was felled in Long Island during the storm in the most freakish, unlucky manner imaginable.

Fleming’s eulogy is a must-read, a heartfelt all-inclusive from a man usually concerned with doling out exclusives. At the very end of the post, Fleming offers this sage advice:

Many who wrote asked if there was anything they could do. There is something. If you are lucky enough to still have parents alive, or siblings or other relatives you’ve lost touch with, please make time to call them. See them if you can. Life is so fragile, and at times like this you realize that family, friends and faith are the only permanent things. And I learned I have those in abundance, and in places I had not anticipated.


[Image of the charity designated for donations in the name of Fleming’s father courtesy]