Mike Allen Gets Personal on Full-Body V. Old School

…We’re talking full-body airport scanners, that is.
Politico‘s Mike Allen gets a taste of what it’s like to go through a full-body scanner at the airport.
The strange part: “even tissues” must be removed.
The best part: the guy with the CB-style radio transmitter.

He explains after the jump…

PLAYBOOK FACTS OF LIFE: Kristin should take a gander up to BWI and try going full-body vs. old school. Playbook did just that on our recent hop to Manchester, N.H. (We spotted Secretary Sebelius — on Southwest!) The full-body procedure: comically inefficient. Unlike with the regular scan, you take everything out of your pockets, even tissues. Dispensing with centuries of work-flow innovation, the scanners have you walk in frontways, stop, turn sideways, get your picture taken, then turn frontways to walk out. Then you wait in a pen where a poor guy with a CB-style radio transmitter clipped on his shoulder (“Smokey got his ears on!”) waits to hear from the remote viewing site about whether or not you’re clear. So he tries to keep track of the males and females in the pen and which one is getting the go-ahead. “I’m not hearing you!” Smokey said patiently to the disembodied screener. “Is the first male clear?”