Microsoft Launches Fashion Line

Following the success or failure of their broadcast spots (depending on how you received them), Crispin Porter & Bogusky have once again made an attempt to revive the Microsoft brand and make it cool again (when it was considered “cool” in the first place escapes us). This time around, they’ve decided to roll out a new line of retro-computing-focused clothing (just t-shirts, really), some designed by rapper Common, which should be available in stores starting early next week and will exist under the name “Softwear by Microsoft.” Personally, we are like a lot of bookish, socially awkward people in their thirties who hold fond memories of using DOS and the feel of a finely pressed floppy; so we found ourselves enjoying the shirts. But will work as an advertising gimmick? Who knows. We’re still confused as to why Microsoft now suddenly wants to be perceived as hip. But we, like everyone else, look to what Crispin Porter has done with countless other brands in the past few years and believe that anything’s certainly possible.