Michelle Fields Out At The Daily Caller

Emails sent to Michelle Fields’ Daily Caller address receive an automatic reply saying the video reporter is no longer with the publication. “Thank you for your email. I am no longer working with The Daily Caller,” the email says, followed by her personal email address.

The Daily Caller‘s Editor-In-Chief Tucker Carlson would not comment on the record and Nicole Roeberg, publicist for The DC, did not immediately respond to an email. Fields also did not respond by email or Facebook message.

FBDC received a tip Monday evening that Fields had been fired for a lack of productivity. We reported at the start of the month that The DC‘s Executive Editor David Martosko had a recent meeting with Fields to encourage her to do more reporting for the site. Over the course of the last month, Fields has just nine bylines on The DC, two of which appear to be aggregated stories broken by other news outlets. Meanwhile, Fields made at least six separate appearances on FNC to offer political commentary. She appeared on Hannity tonight.

Fields’ Twitter profile has also been changed. Whereas it once indicated she was associated with The DC, it now only says she is located in Washington, D.C.

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