Michael Wolff on Tina Brown: ‘Blind to The Realities of the New World’

Michael Wolff debuts his new USA Today column by taking time to absolutely blast Tina Brown and Newsweek/The Daily Beast. It’s a tired subject, and it would’ve been nice to see something more interesting from Wolff. Oh, and let’s go ahead and take a moment to note the irony of Wolff attacking Brown and the quality of her publication in a USA Today column.

Okay, now for Wolff’s rants:

The most famous magazine editor of her generation is engaged in a desperate and operatic struggle, which almost no one anywhere believes has any chance of success…

“No one anywhere.” That about covers it. But there’s more:

She is, in a sink hole of cost, trying to use old-media tricks to meld The Daily Beast andNewsweek into the kind of zeitgeist-shaping, buzz-creating, cocktail-party-fueling package that the media has, for so long, been built around — part craft, part culture, part snobbery. Rather a great age, if you were part of it.

To many, including many on her staff who have jumped ship, this means that she is blind to the realities of the new world.

Wolff then goes on to nail Newsweek/The Daily Beast:

Much of the content is at a subsistence level, a patchwork of the borrowed, stolen, hurried and amateur that has neither captured reader loyalty nor advertisers’ imaginations

Wolff ends his piece by claiming that we “need a new Tina Brown,” but couldn’t the same thing be said about Wolff?