Michael Musto, Tom O’Neil Concoct Some Juicy Michael Fassbender Rumors

Did you hear the whispers about 12 Years a Slave being based on a much more recent tome by Rush Limbaugh and Paula Deen? How about the rumor that the film’s title is an insider’s wink to what it’s like to work for Harvey Weinstein… for a week.

These and other ridiculous notions were floated by goldderby.com maestro Tom O’Neil and podcast guest Michael Musto to poke fun at the “smear campaigns” that creep into each film awards season. Given how competitive the field is this year, that aspect of the proceedings is already off to a vigorous running start. From O’Neil, Musto’s convo:

Musto: I hear for the 12 Years a Slave DVD, they’re going to do it in 3D and they’re going to add naked scenes of [Michael] Fassbender. It’s really going to jut out from the screen.

O’Neil: I think you and I should start spreading this. Michael Fassbender uses a fluffer…

Musto: I think that is so vicious, because the truth is he uses a prosthetic…

Have some fun and listen to the whole thing when you can. The duo also riff in this fashion on Gravity, Blue is the Warmest Color and Tom Hanks‘ accent in Captain Phillips.

[Image courtesy: Fox Searchlight]