Hours Before Fiery Crash, Michael Hastings Asked to Borrow Neighbor’s Car

In the wake of yesterday’s release of the Michael Hastings autopsy results, LA Weekly reporter Gene Maddaus leads off his fascinating cover story with provocative thoughts from the deceased journalist’s former Los Angeles apartment neighbor.

Jordanna Thigpen tells Maddaus she and Hastings immediately bonded after he arrived at her Hollywood Hills complex in February, due to the fact that both of them had lost loved ones in tragic accidents. She also outlines her newfound friend’s increasingly “erratic” behavior:

Helicopters often circle over the [Hollywood] hills, but Hastings believed there were more of them around whenever he was at home, keeping an eye on him. He came to believe his Mercedes was being tampered with. “Nothing I could say could console him,” Thigpen says…

One night in June, he came to Thigpen’s apartment after midnight and urgently asked to borrow her Volvo. He said he was afraid to drive his own car. She declined, telling him her car was having mechanical problems. “He was scared, and he wanted to leave town,” she says.

The next day, Thigpen learned that Hastings had perished in a fiery crash on Highland Ave. south of Melrose. These LA Weekly revelations will inevitably fuel conspiracy theorists (in the media and beyond), who firmly believe that even though Hastings may have at the time of his death relapsed into hard drug use, that other reasons are behind his demise.

There is much, much more in the cover story by Maddaus, one of the best investigative reporters working the SoCal beat; including a mention of how uttering the word “shagadelic” earned Hastings a suspension at Vermont Catholic high school. Read/bookmark the article here.

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