Michael Gross On The New Yorker Profile Of Schwarzman


A Million here, a triplex there, and pretty soon it all adds up, keemo sabe. Michael Gross has issues with James B. Stewart’s profile of Steve Schwarzman in The New Yorker. All told, the 740 Park celebrated author finds the story ”pretty good.” But Gross finds a couple of hard facts off. From The Department of Factual Hyperbole from the 740Blog:

”Stewart writes, ‘In May, 2000, Schwarzman paid $37 million – reportedly a record sum at the time for a Manhattan co-op –for a thirty-five-room triplex on Park Avenue that was once owned by John D. Rockefeller, Jr.’ Sorry, but per the member of the co-op board who was my source for the details, the sale price was ‘just under $30 million’ — not the $37 million that was widely reported at the time. Now granted, absent official records, you can quibble with that … as you can with room counts (do foyers and bathrooms count?). But it’s a duplex with a low-ceilinged servant’s mezzanine, not a triplex (or a quadruplex, as one newspaper once claimed)”

Michael Gross, in a move sure to strike real estate-envy in readers, provides a floor plan to drive his point home. More here.

(image via abcnews)