Ohio Journalism Students Prepare for ‘NYC Media Class’

Here’s an interesting idea, relayed by the oldest student newspaper in the United States. The Miami Student was established way back in 1826 at Miami University, a public research institution based in Oxford, Ohio.

For the first time, the school’s journalism department this winter-term will be offering an “NYC Media Class.” The program will run January 6-24 and require students who qualify to pay an additional $1,000 for food, accommodation and travel to Manhattan (January 12-16):

According to journalism professor Patti Newberry, the three-week class incorporates one week of touring the offices of New York City news organizations and interviewing their journalists.

The other two weeks, students will spend their time meeting online, selecting the news outlets to tour and producing websites and blogs that will depict the goings-on of the class.

For what it’s worth, Mediabistro’s offices are on Park Avenue and full of people who would be happy to interact with this inaugural Miami University group. We also realize there is a bounty of places to target in the Big Apple and won’t at all be offended if we don’t make the final cut.

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