Metta World Peace Gets Temporary New Nickname

This happened a couple of days ago – during the Monday 5 p.m. newscast on Chicago’s ABC-TV affiliate, to be exact. But it’s still pretty funny.

Especially since some 20/20 Laker fans are railing today against Metta World Peace for dishing the ball last night at the last second in Oklahoma City to Steve Blake rather than the Black Mamba. Via and then Deadspin, the authenticity of this screen grab was verified:

Deadspin also has the video footage. The “idiot” designation followed a preamble about MWP’s declaration that he would not shake the hand of OKC’s James Harden during the playoffs.

Perhaps this memorable bit of chyron has something to do with the author’s simmering frustration at having to watch the 2012 NBA playoff hopes of the Chicago Bulls go down in flames when Derrick Rose was injured. Regardless, the cleaner Windy City slam would have definitely been Metta World Putz.

[Original Twitpic: @Ten_Foot_Midget]

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