Men’s Vogue and Portfolio: The Morning After

Yesterday was one of the darkest days yet for print media, and is some cases online, too — one Conde staffer told us that during the meeting to announce the layoffs and scale backs at Men’s Vogue even Anna Wintour choked up. And there’s till no word yet on how many people are being cut from or when the cuts will take place. Rumor has it they are taking their time informing staffers. It’s also unclear why the website is being scaled back so drastically since staffers were recently told that they have been “meeting their revenue goals for 2008 while the magazine has not.” And then there was this bit of forward-thinking:

According to a person who attended the meeting, one of the staff’s braver souls asked why the Web site was being punished more severely than the magazine. “He gave a sort of corporate-speak answer, and what it appeared to boil down to is, is ‘This is a magazine company,’…And it left the impression that the Web site was sacrificed to save the magazine.”

Hard to believe magazines are faltering under that sort of leadership! Meanwhile over at Men’s Vogue publisher Marc Berger is reportedly leaving the company, while editor-in-chief Jay Fielden will stay on.