Memo: John Huey On Time Inc.’s Layoffs


January 18, 2007

To: All Time Inc. Edit Staff

From: John Huey

Re: Staff Announcement

Earlier today, Time Inc. announced layoffs that will eliminate significant numbers of editorial jobs across many of our titles. This is obviously a painful time for everyone-most especially those who are leaving their jobs involuntarily—but also for those who are staying on and saying goodbye to colleagues whom they value, even cherish. In her talks within the company and with the press in recent months, Ann Moore has articulated the challenges that face our industry and our company, and she has made the convincing case that what we are doing now is essential to ensuring that our future will be as bright as our past. It’s important that we on the editorial side fully understand what that means—and what it doesn’t mean.

First, let me stress that these layoffs are not about performance of the individuals involved; the layoffs are about the restructuring of our editorial staffs as we move quickly into a future of flexible, multiplatform content creation. That means redesigning and rethinking much of what we do to ensure we are as efficient as possible. In some cases, that requires reassigning responsibilities among staffers. And unfortunately, in some cases that requires a leaner workforce.

We’re not changing what we stand for at Time Inc., but we are changing much of what we do—and how we do it. Which leads me to what these changes do not mean. They do not mean that we are sacrificing the integrity of our journalism. They do not mean that we are less dedicated to the accuracy of what we report and write or that we are getting out of the print business. It is my hope, in fact, that we will see many exciting developments and investments in our core titles in the coming year. Our editorial mission at Time Inc. remains the same as it has always been: to produce the most compelling, informative, influential, and entertaining journalism for hundreds of millions of readers around the world. That is what has gotten us this far, and that is what will ensure our future success. So let’s focus on two things right now: making great magazines and websites; and supporting our colleagues who are leaving in the most grateful, respectful and sensitive ways that we can.

Thank you for all that you do.
J. H.


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