Fictitious LA Journo Luc Actar Back for Another Adventure

The protagonist of Melissa M. Garcia’s Luc Actar book series is the product of what may seem like an inverted career progression. Given today’s Fourth Estate economics, it could make more sense for him to have segued from journalism to hot-wiring Hondas, not the other way around.

Be that as it may, Garcia’s second Actar e-book – Chasing Demons – is just out. This time around, a personal loss triggers the investigative narrative:

When detectives arrive to inform Luc of the death of his father, Luc is hesitant to get involved. But once he discovers a powerful leader in the mental health industry is pulling the strings in his father’s investigation, Luc is determined to tear him down. As he chases the demons of his past, Luc unknowingly steps right into the crosshairs of a killer determined to keep his own life from falling apart.

Author Garcia launched the series in 2006 with Falling Angels. A native of La Mirada, she earned a B.A. in English and Literature from Cal State Long Beach.

[Jacket cover courtesy Amazon Digital Services]