Meet the Super Weird Vancouver Olympics Mascots


As you might have heard, the mascots for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics were unveiled yesterday. Designed by Meomi Design, who has offices in both LA and Vancouver, they are as follows: Sumi, an animal guardian spirit, Quatchi, a sasquatch, and Miga, a sea bear, all of which make perfect sense, we’re guessing, if you live in Vancouver and inside a cave full of pixie dust. Sadly, included but hardly featured anywhere, like merchandising, is Mukmuk the Marmot, which is, um, a marmot. But it will never see anything beyond being a “virtual only” member of the mascot clique in what sounds like, from this story, a move to sooth over the Save the Marmot movement (which, to us, sounds like something fully worthwhile, instead of, say, Save the Animal Guardian Spirit). Anyway, controversies aside, here’s a bit:

Miga, a sea bear who lives in the ocean with her family pod near Tofino, and Quatchi, a young sasquatch, represent the Olympics, while Sumi represents the Paralympics that follow afterward.

A sea bear is a First Nations creature, part killer whale, part Kermode spirit bear. While illustrated as being taller than the other characters, the mascot costume of Quatchi is the same height as the other two characters.

The third mascot, Sumi, an animal-guardian spirit, is a Thunderbird that wears the hat of an orca. Sumi will be the mascot of the Paralympics.