Meet the Mandated Vacation:’s Staff Takes Two Weeks!

flip flopsYou know how logging off is actually good for you? As in truly being out of the office, not checking messages whatsoever.

Well, the entire staff at is currently on hiatus through August. Let’s repeat that: The staff is on vacation until August!

We first read about this in and simply had to explore it. For starters, their editor blogged about it and mentioned it’s seriously a productivity booster. And this is nothing new for their staff — the concept’s been around for the past five years. Let’s pause for a second. If everyone takes vacation during the same time, then short and long-term projects won’t truly have any delays when they return because someone is out of town.

The team can get things done efficiently and individually they probably don’t feel the urge to check messages while they’re away because hey, everyone is away! Seems they can return to the office completely refreshed and rejuvenated.

Are we missing something here? This sounds like a win-win unless it’s difficult to coordinate with your spouse or significant other for their vacation schedules as well. Let’s also point out another downside as mentioned in the piece.

Their editor says this mandated two-week vacation means there’s little flexibility during other times throughout the year in particular for this company’s conferences. And we’re thinking the conferences probably require additional time to work with no flexibility for time off but then again, many jobs have black out periods forbidding PTO (paid time off).

June Cohen, TED executive producer, explained in the piece: “When you have a team of passionate, dedicated overachievers, you don’t need to push them to work harder. You need to help them rest.”