Meet, Meet The Famous

FBLA sat down with Jordan Osher, Chief Executive Officer of the site Meet The Famous for a little Q and A:

FBLA: So how do you think our pictures of Helen Thomas would fly on your site?

JO: If there’s an exclusive, never before seen photo of Helen with a great story that people want to read about, I think there would be a following. Unlike all the other celebrity blogs and entertainment sites, is the only one that allows everyone to post and share their celebrity photos and stories with the world (and get paid for it!)

FBLA: Isn’t Miley Cyrus awesome?

JO:I think her enormous success speaks for itself. How many people can accomplish what she has accomplished before the age of 18, let alone in their entire lifetimes? We have seen a lot of Miley Cyrus postings on our site and the overall consensus is that she is really cool to her fans and awesome to see live in concert.

FBLA:Where do you think we’d get the better photos – AA meetings or methadone clinics?

JO: LOL. That’s a tough one to choose from. The great thing about is that we never know when and where the next great celebrity photo and story will come from. We’ve seen postings from people in almost every state and every age, from fans to amateur photographers to professional paparazzi.

FBLA:Do you think there is a lot of crossover between Twilight and Harry Potter fans? They’re like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings fans, huh? One in the same.

JO:Yes and no. I think a lot of people try and compare the two movies, but we have never seen a more popular celebrity on our site since it launched 3 months ago than Robert Pattinson. His photos almost immediately become viral (and because of that, the people posting them have made a good amount of money J).

FBLA:What are your New Years resolutions?

JO:That’s an easy question. I have taken on two loves – entrepreneurship and philanthropy. I would obviously like to grow and make it one of the biggest and most fun celebrity websites on the internet, but I would also like to be able to help out the less fortunate as much as possible. This past year I donated some money that I saved up to a few different homeless shelters around New York. I have made it a goal in 2009 to free up some time in my life and actually be more hands on at the shelters. I know how fortunate I have been in my life, and I like to give back to others whenever possible.

FBLA: Which ‘famous’ would you most like to meet? (besides Helen Thomas, of course)

JO: NO QUESTION ABOUT IT – Mila Kunis. To me, there isn’t a prettier girl in the world right now (except for my girlfriend of course…if you are reading this). I think she has a smile that can light up the room and she was truly nailed her role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.