Meet KCRW’S New General Manager

A successor has been found for the fabled Ruth Seymour, who is retiring this week after more than 3 decades at the helm. KCRW’s Assistant General Manager Jennifer Ferro will take over on March 1st.

Said Seymour of the new General Manager:

Jennifer is an ideal choice to lead the station forward. She brings her own unique approach and vision to KCRW. She’s innovative, courageous and independent. She’s an experienced programmer, producer and fundraiser. She will make a terrific manager and I look forward to a KCRW under her leadership.

Listeners will have an introduction to Ferro this Tuesday at 2:30 when she appears on “The Politics of Culture“. She’ll be discussing “the station, its present, and its future” with the show’s host Matt Holzman.

Photo by Marc Goldstein

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