Meet Damon Dash, Business Writer.


Meet free daily Metro‘s newest business columnist: hip-hop uber-entrepreneur Damon Dash. He’s penning a monthly column for Metro‘s New York, Philly, Boston, Milan and Paris editions and let it be said: Dash likes talking about himself. A lot:

I could no longer keep making music about the same content. I tried to diversify my label by signing different kinds of artists, like Kanye West (who, by the way, I was told not to sign) and Samantha Ronson (who was as far from hip-hop as imaginable). Some understood my vision and some did not, so at the end of the day I sold Roc-A-Fella and moved on. Luckily, I saw this coming years ahead of time, so I started Rocawear.

All ragging on Dash’s ego aside, it’s good to see him in Metro. The last time we checked, Metro‘s execs were pretty damn racist.

Dash’s first article after the jump.