MediaJobsDaily’s State Of Media Job Boards: Some Flat, Others Down


After average daily job postings at major media boards leveled off last month we figured the worst was over, but it wasn’t.

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The good news: The sales folks at mediabistro HQ must be working overtime because the month of April was not that terrible for jobs posted to mediabistro’s board. The numbers are tracking much better than last year even if there was no month over month growth.

The bad news can be found after the jump. Avert your eyes.

(Click to enlarge), the small but powerful source for jobseekers looking to get into publishing: no growth year over year or month over month.

(Click to enlarge), a large job board for PR professionals: no growth over the month (we don’t have year over year data for this board yet).

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And After a great start to the year that would have made any j-student excited, jobs have not just tapered off but fallen, not exactly to 2010 levels but not the close-to-1,000 that we were seeing earlier this year. 750-800 postings active on any given day is about July 2010 levels. In July 2010, unemployment was 9.5 percent and jobless benefits were beginning to run dry, so, not a situation to go back to.

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