Mediabistro Gives Away More Sports Tix

Adam Glogower, HR Generalist at Rockstar Games, is the latest recipient of two tickets to a sporting event—in this case the March 21 Knicks-Celtics game at Madison Square Garden.

How did Glogower get these? Unlike the characters in his company’s games, he didn’t have to bust any kneecaps or knock off any rivals—he just had to advertise his company’s open jobs on’s job board.

Glogower says he chooses’s board “for quality candidates and web visibility,” and that he’s “very happy” to have won the tickets. “I am a huge Knicks fan and have waited over 10 years for them to be good again,” he added. (Sigh….)

Anyone who posts jobs on’s board is eligible to win tickets in these semiregular contests, so if you’re in HR or recruiting, remember to choose