Media Minutiae: The Laptops & Lingerie Edition

  • We already blame Gawker Media for everything. Finally, The Daily’s
    pajama party spread of hot (interpret that word choice however you wish) female bloggers appears in Wednesday’s issue. You’ll have to either hike to the Tents or download a PDF here to see it (it’s the six issue, in the lower right corner). Yes, that’s Fishbowl emeritus Rachel Sklar in the back, but she wisely kept quiet and let “Washingtonienne” Jessica Cutler run on and on, as usual. Speaking of Cutler, she knows why Kate Lee hasn’t been returning your calls. “They’re not offering bloggers the same kind of money they used to. My book was the spoiler. If not, then it’s Ana Marie Cox’s fault.”

  • The early reviews are in for The Odd Couple. And by that, we mean Carl and Bruce, of course. Andy Serwer’s take on yesterday’s theatrics in Midtown: “Thumbs down!… Why? Nothing really that new if you ask me. Break the company up, cut costs, blah, blah.”

    Time Warner hasn’t backed down, however. To counter the threat posed by Icahn’s Enhance Time Warner, Dick Parsons and co. unveiled the new “Building Value” section on Time Warner’s site. Shareholders must now ask themselves, “Do I want to enhance the value of my stock? Or build it?” A semantic battle for the hearts and minds of Wall Street has been joined…. Oh, and one way Time Warner intends to build value is to give the salaries of Time Inc. staffers back to the shareholders. Gawker has the list.

  • The Page Six magazine will be bundled with Thursday’s New York Post. We’ve held out for this long, but tomorrow, Rupert Murdoch will finally earn one of our hard-earned quarters.
  • Conde Nast spams us with emails touting b-roll from Tom Ford’s Vanity Fair cover shoot. The result: 700,000 hits on Tuesday and 1,000 new subscribers to the magazine. Not bad for a directorial debut consisting of little more than Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson sitting around in terry-cloth robes. Maybe The Daily had the right idea after all.