Media Minutiae: ‘One Man Mobile Uplink’ Edition

  • Not-So ‘Nasty’?: Conde Nast tops list of Best Companies to Freelance For in NYC. We’ve heard of all of the companies in the top ten. All except for #7: Curious Pictures.
  • Sex Writer Goes Satellite: Candace Bushnell is joining Howard Stern on Sirius Satellite Radio. As for our awkward encounter with her at Radar‘s relaunch party last year, well, that’s still a terrestrial phenomenon.
  • Wintour’s Latest Conquest: Speaking of Radar, former deputy editor Chris Knutsen is joining Vogue.
  • Losing a Blue State?: Air America appears to be close to losing its New York flagship station, which may well force Al Franken to broadcast via “one man mobile uplink unit.”