Media Minutiae: Monday Edition

  • Out‘s New Editor is In: And Jossip reports it’s BlackBook‘s Aaron Hicklin.
  • Giant‘s Relatively Big Employee Retention Problem: Senior editor Bill Keith, editorial director Greg Williams and art director Ash Gibson are out, Gawker reports.
  • CNN’s Soledad O’Brien on Katie Couric: “She’s absolutely demanding, and I think anybody who’s had any success in this business is absolutely demanding, whether you’re talking about a man or you’re talking about a woman. … So I think a lot of the criticism has really been not only misplaced, but really personal and mean — and inaccurate. … What’s going to happen is, she’s going to go on the air, she’s going to do a great job, and all the chitter chatter is going to sort of dissipate and go away.” [From Sunday’s edition of CNN’s Reliable Sources]
  • Some Jazz Musicians Won’t Return to Post-Katrina New Orleans: They say they can get better gigs in cities like Boulder or Houston, reports the WSJ.

  • Viacom’s Letter to the Times: Nikki Finke reports that Viacom Inc.’s general counsel has sent “the paper a toughly worded letter fat with attachments” refuting portions of a March 13 story loosely linking Paramount boss Brad Grey to Anthony Pellicano.