Media Minutiae: How The Sausage Gets Made Edition

  • Don’t blame the publishing industry for James Frey, The Week’s William Falk says in his latest editor’s letter. “Imagine, for a moment, a camera crew secretly taping everything that went on where you work — the petty personal agendas, the butt-covering, the clumsy attempts to cover up mistakes. Why, then, are we so offended when the rest of the world also turns out to be merely human?” But how many media/entertainment franchises already rely on this formula?
  • Did I say “she snubbed Conde Nast?” What I meant to say was that she was soooo fired. After Gawker takes issue with James Brady’s interpretation of Bonnie Fuller’s career trajectory, Brady amends the column to read “There were rumors she was using Glamour to get the job at Harper’s Bazaar. Instead, she was fired from Conde Nast and went to irascible Jann Wenner’s Us.*” That asterisk you see denotes a correction.
  • New Media 2.0: So simple even an eight-year-old can be a mogul. A venture capitalist teaches his son how to launch his own skateboarding brand using blogs, and Great news for Transworld Skateboarding, as Time Inc. could really use the ad revenue right about now.
  • Jane and Marie Claire take a different tack. Dutifully noting that “millennials” — i.e. the instantly-gratified, overprotected younger children of Boomers — will buy just about anything you tell them to, both magazines resume chasing them in earnest. The salvation of the industry, it turns out, doesn’t depend on savvier leaders, but on more gullible readers.