Media Critic’s Cancer is in Remission

images-1Journalists in Washington and elsewhere may want media critic Richard Grenell to go away — in the polite sense — just get the hell out of their faces sort of thing.

But he’s not going anywhere. In fact, Grenell’s cancer is in remission.

He told FishbowlDC…“When I was diagnosed with lymphoma I felt fantastic and I was running better than I ever had,” Grenell, who was diagnosed six months ago, told FishbowlDC. “Now, they tell me I’m cancer-free but because of the multiple rounds of chemo I feel sick and can’t run much at all.  It’s hard to grasp it all, actually.  But my faith has been strengthened and I am grateful.”

The Fox News media critic and ex-press aide to former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has been lighting a fire under journalists’ asses for a good while now. His accusations are generally in the same vein: liberal bias.

To be sure, he’s good at pushing buttons, and has gotten at least some of the following journalists to engage with him: HuffPost’s Sam Stein, Politico‘s Ginger Gibson, Blake Hounshell and Dylan Byers, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, David Gregory, NYT‘s Peter Baker and Mark Landler.

But things are not always as they seem. Behind the scenes he’s received countless prayers, and some journalists have even written him with deeply personal and kind notes about his remission — even those with whom he’s sparred.

For instance, he once had an epic battle with CNN’s Jake Tapper, who wrote him on Twitter this week about his health update, saying, “Congrats! That’s wonderful news.”

Soon Grenell will be back up to full speed, antagonizing journalists with relentless critiques that rightfully earned him our top spot on a Twitter fighter list back in June.