Media Buyer Job Outlook Is Up

You don’t hear too much about media buyers, but they’ve been going through an “abysmal” job market, according to Media Life Magazine. Yet now the job market appears to be looking up: fewer agencies are conducting layoffs and some are even hiring.

“It’s quiet but people are getting jobs,” Patricia Sklar, president of recruiting firm Sklar & Associates, told Media Life. “We’re getting people interviews, although not anywhere near where we used to.” She said that those most willing to relocate have the best chance of landing a job at this point.

Some of the hiring activity is ad agencies realized they’re stretched too thin; they let too many people go last year. But other agencies are signing new clients and need more buyers to handle the workload.

“We’ve grown, we’re hiring, we’re expanding our square footage and we’ve rounded out our team with more people,” Aric Zion, CEO of Zion & Zion, an ad agency in Tempe, Ariz., told Media Life. “It is absolutely due to the number of clients.”

In highest demand right now are the buyers with 1-2 years experience, since 1-2 years ago, agencies were hiring fewer college students. Now that gap needs to be filled.